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STOP IT! The new book by Mary Lansing, Marriage and Family Therapist

Stop It!STOP IT! provides the answers to HOW TO, WHEN TO, and WHETHER TO intervene when you encounter an adult abusing a child in a public place. If you have ever witnessed this happening, you may have walked away from the scene. You may have thought, “that’s terrible, that poor kid.” And you may have given yourself the excuse, “I’d better not interfere; after all, it’s his kid.” Perhaps you made an excuse for doing nothing while at the same time you had an awareness of an instant, visceral reaction, a feeling that said to you, “I could have done something about that.”

Public child abuse seems a far cry from reliance on guns and violence. Yet research indicates there is a strong association. Episodes of having been spanked as a child, for instance, have been linked to psychiatric disorders in adults. And, when a parent rages at a child, that angry parent seldom has thoughts of what the consequences will be once the child is grown. No one wants to examine the connection between early child abuse and a high school student with a sub-machine gun turning on fourteen of his classmates.

Mary LansingIntervening is something anyone can do. Although not everyone makes the choice to take action, doing so could trigger a change in you that helps heal the world.

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After The Storm: A Self-Healing Presentation Using Autogenic Training

As you listen to this, know that it contains four separate segments. Each builds on the one before, directing the listener to first bring heaviness to the body, then warmth. All of this takes more than 1 hour, so listening to it one segment at a time (until the directions are embodied) will bring the gradual entire body relaxation that you seek to achieve, That's not to say you can't listen to all of it at once, but each segment is meant to take you deeper inside yourself

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About Mary Lansing

Mary has been licensed as a marriage, family and child therapist for 35 years. A pioneer in the effect of trauma and stress on the family system, she focused on relationship issues that stemmed from physical and sexual abuse. She maintained her private practice in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, until 2014.

She continues to intervene when she encounters abuse in public places.

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